Enrichment Walks

As winter is slowly approaching, clean pavement walks are probably getting more appealing.  This might be beneficial for you and keeping those paws clean, but is your dog actually getting the enrichment walks they need?

The same pavement walks to the same place can be boring and monotonous for your dog, they might look perfectly happy, but if this is all they are given, then they aren’t going to complain otherwise! Always remember that dogs get in life, what we give them.

If your dog doesn’t already attend a dog day care that encompasses enrichment walks, then it’s a good idea to try these yourself.

Why not try and mix it up a bit and take their walks to the next level, by awakening those senses.

Try these enrichment walk ideas below:

Sniffing is by far a dog’s favourite activity, they should be engaging with the environment around them and finding new sniffs, this is super exciting for a dog.  Walks in the evening or early morning have all the nocturnal smells which some dogs may never have smelt before.  In the summer, we love taking our dogs on sunset walks, the air is cooler and the undergrowth is starting to stir with all the evening creatures.

Find new areas of woodland to explore, let them sniff the undergrowth, climb fallen trees, and play agility on the logs.  Hide treats in crevices and watch their brains work trying to find the hidden morsels.

Use the OS maps app to locate new rural walking trails, practice their basic training commands over stiles and gates and let them dictate which way they’d like to go for a change.

Take a look at some of our day care walks included in our day care sessions, and see the different types of enrichment the dogs get on a daily basis.

Variety is the key to enrichment!

Dog Enrichment walks


5 best dog friendly cafes for dog walkers in Coventry and Warwickshire this winter

We love dog friendly cafes and we’ve visited most of them. Fancy a brisk winter walk followed by brunch or lunch with your furry friend? Look no further.  Here at Happy Hounds, we have tried and tested a wealth of the finest dog friendly cafes and eateries where dogs are welcomed with open arms. We’ve listed five of our favourites in Coventry and Warwickshire below.


1.  Forrest Cafe, Kenilworth.  A small but perfectly formed cafe, it offers super coffee and a delicious brunch selection.  Dogs are welcomed inside and they even sell a range of natrual dog treats for the discerning furry palette.

2. Dobbies Garden Centre. Stratford Upon Avon.  A garden centre chain but super dog friendly and a great selection on the menu too. Good portions for breakfast and a delicious Sunday roast.  They have dog friendly tables and water bowls available.

3. The Farm, Stratford Upon Avon.  This is a great location for a walk combined with breakfast or brunch.  Take a circular walk through the Welcombe Hills nature reserve on a four mile circular, with a stop off here for some grub.  A large cafe and farm shop with a great selection on the menu, dogs can sit either inside or outside and they can even say hello to the resident pigs.  Great for some socialisation.

4. Kitchen 126, Coventry. A lovely little hidden Gem just off the Holyhead Road in Coventry. A great selection of delicious cakes and generous portions for brunch and lunch.  Dogs are allowed inside but seating is limited.  Lake View park is nearby, a short walk with a river and wild flower meadows.

5. The Almanack, Kenilworth. Right in the centre of Kenilworth, you can take a walk through Abbey Fields and stop here for some lunch and a coffee.  Dog friendly inside and out and a good menu selection.

The best puppy social for puppy owners to visit in Coventry

On Sunday 12th June 2022, Happy Hounds Coventry and Carries Canines are running a puppy social event from 12-3pm.  The event will take place at FarGo Village in Coventry City Centre and will be open to puppies up to six months of age.

The puppy Social has been designed for you and your pup to enjoy an exciting place to socialize with other puppies and new puppy owners alike. Plus you will be able to enjoy afternoon tea, brownies & cake.

It’s important that puppies do stay with their owners on leads throughout the event. There will be an enrichment corner for the puppies to explore; a variety of boxes and puppy games for them to engage with.

12pm & 1pm (15mins each) – Carrie’s Canines will teach some basic puppy behavior skills.

2pm- Q&A session “Get your puppy questions answered”.

A selection of high quality natural treats will be available for purchase. A perfect opportunity to chat about the importance of using high value rewards when practicing recall and teaching your pup basic skills. We will also talk about the value of dog daycare and home boarding.  When should you start planning for holiday care and getting pups used to being away from home. We’ll answer all of these questions and much more.

Did you know that puppy socialisation doesn’t mean saying hello to anything and everything. More importantly, socialisation is about making your puppy feel calm and comfortable in almost any situation.  The critical stage of development, up to the age of 16 weeks, is the most important time for introducing your pup to new environments, sights, sounds and textures.  This is when their brains are open to learning about new surroundings and circumstances.  It is important to keep exposing your puppy to new things, making each experience as positive and as fun as possible.  FarGo village is a wealth of new sights, smells and sounds for a young pup. There are coffee shops, street food vendors, music and lots of people milling around.  A perfect puppy sensory afternoon.

A colourful art installation to visit in Warwickshire this summer

Part of our home from home dog boarding service includes exciting doggy excursions.  From full day trips to overnight stays in Wales, we offer the hounds an experience of a lifetime.

Recently we took the boarding dogs for a wonderful day out to Compton Verney.  Based in the heart of Warwickshire, it’s around than half an hour’s drive from Coventry.  Scattered with miles of public footpaths, you can do a variety of routes around the site, exploring local woodland, beautiful lakes and quaint little villages.  We stopped off for a coffee and snacks in the grounds itself which are dog friendly.  There is also a weird and wonderful art installation in one of the meadows which dogs can also sniff and explore on lead.

This dog friendly walk is around four miles and takes you through the gallery grounds as well as through meadows and crop fields. You will pass the picturesque village of Combrook with its ancient church and wildflower meadows.  There are plenty of dog friendly pubs in the area, offering delicious pub grub and nice cool drinks.  We visited The Antelope in Lighthorne for a late lunch.

As well as a fantastic dog day out, these new experiences help to build on the dogs social skills in new environments.  Lots of new smells, sights and sounds to broaden the senses, as well as learning how to behave around livestock and busy surroundings. Find out more about our dog home boarding service.

Dogs at compton Verney

Dogs on bench

Dogs in pub

Dogs at compton verney