The best puppy social for puppy owners to visit in Coventry

On Sunday 12th June 2022, Happy Hounds Coventry and Carries Canines are running a puppy social event from 12-3pm.  The event will take place at FarGo Village in Coventry City Centre and will be open to puppies up to six months of age.

The puppy Social has been designed for you and your pup to enjoy an exciting place to socialize with other puppies and new puppy owners alike. Plus you will be able to enjoy afternoon tea, brownies & cake.

It’s important that puppies do stay with their owners on leads throughout the event. There will be an enrichment corner for the puppies to explore; a variety of boxes and puppy games for them to engage with.

12pm & 1pm (15mins each) – Carrie’s Canines will teach some basic puppy behavior skills.

2pm- Q&A session “Get your puppy questions answered”.

A selection of high quality natural treats will be available for purchase. A perfect opportunity to chat about the importance of using high value rewards when practicing recall and teaching your pup basic skills. We will also talk about the value of dog daycare and home boarding.  When should you start planning for holiday care and getting pups used to being away from home. We’ll answer all of these questions and much more.

Did you know that puppy socialisation doesn’t mean saying hello to anything and everything. More importantly, socialisation is about making your puppy feel calm and comfortable in almost any situation.  The critical stage of development, up to the age of 16 weeks, is the most important time for introducing your pup to new environments, sights, sounds and textures.  This is when their brains are open to learning about new surroundings and circumstances.  It is important to keep exposing your puppy to new things, making each experience as positive and as fun as possible.  FarGo village is a wealth of new sights, smells and sounds for a young pup. There are coffee shops, street food vendors, music and lots of people milling around.  A perfect puppy sensory afternoon.