Enrichment Walks

As winter is slowly approaching, clean pavement walks are probably getting more appealing.  This might be beneficial for you and keeping those paws clean, but is your dog actually getting the enrichment walks they need?

The same pavement walks to the same place can be boring and monotonous for your dog, they might look perfectly happy, but if this is all they are given, then they aren’t going to complain otherwise! Always remember that dogs get in life, what we give them.

If your dog doesn’t already attend a dog day care that encompasses enrichment walks, then it’s a good idea to try these yourself.

Why not try and mix it up a bit and take their walks to the next level, by awakening those senses.

Try these enrichment walk ideas below:

Sniffing is by far a dog’s favourite activity, they should be engaging with the environment around them and finding new sniffs, this is super exciting for a dog.  Walks in the evening or early morning have all the nocturnal smells which some dogs may never have smelt before.  In the summer, we love taking our dogs on sunset walks, the air is cooler and the undergrowth is starting to stir with all the evening creatures.

Find new areas of woodland to explore, let them sniff the undergrowth, climb fallen trees, and play agility on the logs.  Hide treats in crevices and watch their brains work trying to find the hidden morsels.

Use the OS maps app to locate new rural walking trails, practice their basic training commands over stiles and gates and let them dictate which way they’d like to go for a change.

Take a look at some of our day care walks included in our day care sessions, and see the different types of enrichment the dogs get on a daily basis.

Variety is the key to enrichment!

Dog Enrichment walks


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