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Coventry's Interactive Dog Day Care Services

Since 2018, Happy Hounds Coventry have been working hard to make sure dogs live their best lives. We offer more than just dog day care. From beach adventure days, mountain climbing weekends and adventure holidays. This is the Happy Hounds experience, every dog wags their tail for.

Not just your average dog day care. Our interactive day care sessions are run by trained Institute of Modern Dog Training professionals, using and promoting the latest positive reward based training methods. Our regular dog day care is a fun, reliable and social place for dogs to enjoy managed play time, long country walks, enrichment games; as well as build on their basic training skills.

Each session is carefully managed and dogs are placed in peer groups to match their size, age, and personality. An hour's walk is included, either out on a country adventure, or at one of our secure enclosed fields.

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Why send your dog to dog day care?

The benefits of sending your dog to dog day care are huge.

Not only will your dog be provided with varied mental and physical stimulation throughout the day, but a well managed day care environment should offer safe and managed socialistion in well paired groups.

Do you have a puppy? Doggy day care will help to build your pup's confidence in new situations, new environments and surroundings. Positive experiences during the primary and secondary socialisation periods of a dogs life, will ensure the foundations of a more confident and well rounded adult.

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Here at Happy Hounds Coventry, we don't just offer dog day care. Our daily training walks inluded with every session, are designed to be fun yet educational.

Being responsible dog walkers, we use our very own private rural paddocks to ensure all dogs have reliable recall, good manners and lead skills before they graduate to one of our big adventure walks. Our secure areas are a safe space to build confidence, practice basic skills and introduce stimulating brain games to our varied sessions.

Our group walks are interactive as well as adventurous, and dogs are required to demonstrate key skills thoughout the sessions. Members of the public often look on in awe as the whole group sit and happily pose for their photoshoot, exhibiting their exceptional sit and stay skills.

On each and every group dog walk, we encourage calmness and engagement through mental stimulation. Key activities include; foraging (hidden treats, finding blackberries), tree climbing (introducing new textures and heights), agility (at our secure paddocks), photo posing (working on distance, duration & distraction) and recall games. All of these mental and physical activities, ensure calmness and good beahviour on our varied walks.

Did you know that five minutes of scent work is equivalent to a 30 minute walk?

What differentiates our dog day care from other companies, is our keen understanding of dog behaviour and body language, allowing us to manage dog on dog interaction. If possible, we ensure dogs are placed into breed appropriate groups, where they are able to demonstrate good play styles and behaviours. Barging, biting or sitting on heads isn't allowed and good dog manners are encouraged at all times. Not all dogs want to play, and it's important that they are given the space they need, for time out, should they need it.

Why Happy Hounds For Dog Day Care?

Six reasons to choose us

Top 3 in Coventry

Three Best Rated Top 3 Dog Walkers in Coventry.

IMDT Members

We're always updating our knowledge on canine behaviour and body language and will soon be qualified trainers by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

Reward Based

Happy Hounds always use and promote positive, reward based training methods during all of our sessions.


5 Star licenced and Inspected by CCC. Licence number 001. Insured and first aid trained.


We offer country adventure dog walking as well as owning our very own private and secure meadows. Perfect for safe play as well as recall practice.

Live Videos

View daily live vidoes of all of our walks, so you can see what your dog is up to throughout the day.

Dog Day Care & Home Boarding Services in Coventry

Half Dog Daycare


Half Dog Day Care

The most popular choice for the happiest hounds in town!
Our half dog day care is a well structured and organised session for controlled socialisation; mixing both mental stimulation and physical stimulation in the form of scent games, recall training, reward based games and controlled play time. An all round fun, yet stimulating doggy experience to keep those tails wagging. An hour's walk is included in the session where dogs can enjoy off lead time and explore a variety of walk locations. Followed by a hot shower and a blowdry back at our home.


Puppy Day Care

These are structured sessions aimed at puppies from 12 weeks of age. We focus on giving them controlled, positive interactions with similair aged pups, as well as meeting older well mannered dogs. Puppies get to extend their socialisation away from the home environment, building up their exposure to new sights, sounds and smells. Happy Hounds recommend that puppies also attend group training classes alongside our daycare, to learn the basic commands and further build their confidence in new environments.

Home boarding

Home Boarding

Our dog home boarding service is open to our regular day care dogs only. This ensures that they are relaxed and subsequently settle well in a familiar envrionment.
Boarders stay with us in our home and join in with the daycare program Mon-Fri. They enjoy 2-3 walks per day and if staying with us over a weekend, they get to experience one of our adventures further afield. We normally visit the Malverns, Shropshire Hills and the Cotswold on our weekend hiking adventures.

Dog beach day

Adventure Days

Our full on beach adventure days are for the more active hounds who are comfortable with travelling longer distances and have brilliant recall. The 3-4 hour long beach walk, allows for plenty of play time, swimming and exploring old ship wrecks; a new and exciting environment for busy noses. Gourmet chicken lunch is included. We have an animal transprt licence for our adventure days.

dog daycare cocker spaniels

Full Dog Day Care

The full dog day care is an 8 hour day with an early morning pick up. Dogs join in with the half morning daycare program after being collected from their home. The afternoon includes a second shorter walk, followed by relax and snooze time. Tasty snacks are included. Collection is between 4-5pm.

Dogs eating chicken

Natural Treats

We buy and sell our very own range of 100% natural training treats. Our secret to the perfect recall everytime. (Alongside training too of course!)
Only the best quality protein, including duck, venison, beef and pheasant. From recall treats, to harder, longer lasting chews, there's a taste for every mouth. Perfect for teeth cleaning, teething puppies and a brilliant stress relief.

Dogs at dog daycare

We specialise in dog day care for Working and Show Spaniels of all shapes and sizes. Spaniels thrive on working their brains and doing a 'job' and here at Happy Hounds, we make that happen. A mix of physical and mental stimulation, brain games, agility and building confidence in and around the water, we offer the Spaniel dream.

Dog Day Care For The Happiest Hounds In Town.

Mental & Physical Stimulation. Scent Games & Enrichment Activities.
Safe & Secure Socialising.

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Happy Hounds Dog Day Care

Happy Hounds dog day care


In 2018, Emma launched Happy Hounds Dog Day Care. She is the pack leader and always has a trail of trusty hounds not far behind!

Emma strives to offer the best possible day care service, by combining training and behaviour guidance into all day care sessions. Setting a new standard in a heavily unregulated industry is at the forefront of Emma's beliefs.

Emma's credentials below:

Level 3 OFQUAL in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare

IMDT: Canine Body Language

First Aid trained

Insured with Protectivity Insurance

Puppy Daycare


Duncan is the dog behaviour & training expert at dog day care. Duncan believes in knowing 'the science' behind the methods he teaches, ensuring that welfare and ethics are at the forefront of all modern training techiniques. He is always studying and striving to learn more and pass on his knowledge to every dog owner he meets!

Duncan's credentials below:

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Train the Trainer 4 day course

IMDT: Canine Body Language

IMDT: Working With Noise Sensitivities & Phobias

IMDT: Dog Behaviour Studies 1 & 2

IMDT: One Day Perfect Puppy

IMDT: Loose Leaders

First aid trained

Insured with Protectivity Insurance

Halima at Happy Hounds


Halima runs Happy Hounds dog day care alongside Emma and Duncan. She assists with the daily walks and training advice for all our dogs.

She believes in spreading the knowledge about good training ethics and is always quoting the Steve Mann training guides!

Halima offers home from home dog grooming, often taking our new puppies in for their first ever grooms and getting them socialised in and around all of the grooming equipment.

Halima's credentials below:

Warwickshire College: Grooming Certificate

First Aid Trained

Insured with Protectivity Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

For most general queries and questions, you would find the answer in these FAQs. For any other query, please contact us using the link below.

For our puppy day care, we take pups from 12 weeks onwards or when their last course of vaccinations are complete.  Young pups soon become confident and very sociable dogs.  They quickly learn good doggy manners and appropriate walking etiquette from their peers.

For new dogs, we reccommend that they have at least one regular weekly half day care session.  This enables them to settle in, bond with us and build relationships with the other dogs, as well as get used to the routine.

Dogs who come on the beach adventure days need to have perfect recall and be good with travelling for longer periods. It’s a long day trip and may not be suited to every dog.

We request full payment on the day of service unless otherwise agreed.  Boarding payments are required on drop off, or 24 hours in advance if payable by BACS.

As a rule of thumb, we generally don’t accept males over the age of 12 months who are not neutered, but this is behaviour dependent.  As all dogs are individuals and have different circumstances, e.g, size, breed and various health issues;  the neutering age can differ.

Morning pick ups are between 7-8am Mon-Fri.

Unfortunately not.  Not all dogs love being around groups of dogs, in the same way that some of us humans don’t like large groups of people.  Our daycare is a friendly and sociable place for dogs to positively interact with each other, if your dog isn’t going to enjoy that, it wouldn’t be the best place for them.

Our Prices

Half Dog Day Care


For dogs 12 months +

Home Boarding


per 24 hours

Half daycare for Puppies


Pups up to 12 months old

Adventure Days


Full Day Adventure


See opinion of our valued customers

Faye & WilburOctober 2023
Read More
Emma and the Happy Hounds Team are absolutely brilliant! Our cockapoo Wilbur has loved attending his half day care sessions since January. He was always excited to be picked up in the van in the morning for his day of fun and adventure with his friends. Wilbur’s confidence around other dogs greatly increased after attending day care sessions. It’s great that they go to various open spaces and have the freedom to explore and play with other similar dogs. By the time he got home, he was happy and ready for a nap. We felt very confident that he was safe and completely looked after whilst away. We are devastated that we’ve now moved out of the area and we’ll all miss it greatly! I would highly recommend!
Paula & EllieFeb 2021
Read More
Our puppy Ellie has been going to happy hounds since she was 14 weeks old and she’s now almost 8 months. We love Emma and we have been able to fully trust her with Ellie. In fact, if we go on holiday, we hope Ellie will be able to stay with her ❤️ I knew I would be using happy hounds even before we brought our puppy home - I saw their instagram page and I looooved it, the dogs really looked like they were sooo happy. I started communicating with Emma a few weeks prior to bringing Ellie home, and she was so lovely and friendly it made me want to use the service even more. I was initially keen to use happy hounds to socialise Ellie, which I knew was super important and initially I thought we’d only use it 1-2 times a week. But now, we use it 4 times a week because Ellie has the best time and she gets a lot of exercise. She pretty much naps straight away after coming back home. In addition, I love that Emma posts instagram stories so you can see all dogs having a blast together. It’s a pleasure to watch them running around and I look forward to their videos every day. I would 100% recommend happy hounds ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ xx
Darren & FrankieDec 2021
Read More
We started using Happy Hounds for our French Bulldog pup when she was 5 months old. They arranged an introductory meet and walk and from day 1 we really loved Duncan and Emma. They made us feel so relaxed in leaving our FB with them we quickly added a second morning. Duncan has been brilliant and nothing is too much trouble. Our puppy (now 1 yo) is now such a pleasure and we can only put this down to Happy Hounds and the socialising that she has had with the other pups. We love reviewing the videos they post during the day and always look forward to seeing the amazing photos Emma posts. We highly recommend them and feel so lucky to have found them. FD loves her doggy day care friends and the wonderful walks and places that she is taken too. 5 stars is not enough. 10 out of 10
Eleanor & MarleyFeb 2021
Read More
We highly recommend Happy Hounds ! Our young dog Marley absolutely adores Emma and the gang ! He gets so excited when Emma appears he is beside himself 😂- he has the most amazing time. Not only do we know our dog is being well cared for but since he’s been going to Happy Hounds his recall and behaviour is even better. Emma has been a life saver to us , both being key workers . Happy Hounds is safe and fabulously fun for dogs , we completely trust Emma (as does Marley) and check out her beautiful photography ❤️🐶.
Jon & CoraMarch 2021
Read More
We have been very fortunate to have moved to the area and to find Happy Hounds to walk our puppy. I have no doubt her mixing with other dogs on their highly social and energetic walks has brought on her behaviour and socialisation skills massively. Almost immediately our puppy developed a great bond with Halima and she is super excited to see her and Emma when they come to collect her. I would definitely recommend Happy Hounds.
Georgia & RalfDec 2021
Read More
Ralf my Lhasa Apso started with puppy club as soon as he was old enough and has grown into a well behaved dog with great recall and his doggy etiquette is amazing due to spending so many happy hours socialising with all the gorgeous dogs. Ralf gets so excited when he hears them at the door. He comes home washed and smelling amazing and sleeps all afternoon until we come home from work. I really believe that without happy hounds I would probably have had behaviour problems when leaving Ralf to go to work. I know I can go to work, my dog is living his best life as when I get home I watch the videos on instagram that they post daily. I will definitely use them for boarding when I go on holiday as I know Ralf will love it… just concerned he won’t miss us lol. Thank you Happy Hounds for always going above and beyond with your treatment of our beloved pets 🐶 Ralf is the one at the front. Just one of many amazing pictures they post.
Jess & StellaMarch 2021
Read More
Our pup Stella has been going to HH for a while now and she absolutely loves it! She gets so excited when she sees Halima or Emma walking up the path, she’s been spayed recently and has really missed her Wednesday sessions so I know she is looking forward to being back! Very professional, yet very friendly. So useful when we aren’t at home as they will come in and collect her and drop her back off so very trustworthy. We absolutely love seeing the photos and videos of her time with the pack and will be using HH forever more!! What’s even better is, she is so much better off the lead now she’s had plenty of practice with HH and she sleeps for the rest of the day when she gets back so she is obviously having a wonderful time running around and playing! If she gets dirty (which she often does!) HH will clean and dry her as best they can which is a life saver for us, especially if we aren’t home!! Thanks Emma and the team, we love you and the services you provide! X

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